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My nephew Cory is 37 years old and was diagnosed with stage 5 renal kidney failure 7 years ago, just a year and a half after his mom (my sister Mavis) passed away from a cancerous brain tumour. The doctors told him that he would end up on dialysis and then eventually need a kidney transplant. He has been going to Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, having kidney dialysis for the last 5 years, 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. This has been exhausting both physically and mentally. His blood count is 50 - 60 when it should be 120. He is very weak from low blood counts and from the toll this illness is taking on his body. Cory has three children whom he supports and is having a very difficult time financially as he is very limited in work hours because of the sickness. If you know Cory, you know he was doing very well for himself as a roofer, even starting his own business, Unionized Contracting and working hard to support his family. However, with a disability of this magnitude his work is almost non existent and any savings are depleted. If you can give any financial aid to assist with his living expenses at this time it would be greatly appreciated by Cory and his family. If you are unable to support financially , saying a prayer and sharing this status with your friends would be equally appreciated. Thank you.

Seeing is Believing 

Have you ever been skeptical about what the roofer has to say? with no way to physically go check yourself you may feel trapped or forced to listen to this company without really knowing if what they are saying is true. Unionized Contracting has found the answer to this problem most home owners face. 

We now offer recorded Roof Inspections and Roof Tune-Ups to ensure every customer has a positive experience that they feel confident about from beginning to end. 

 With over 30 years of experience in the contracting industry, we pride ourselves on our highly trained and qualified team. We welcome any Mississauga or surrounding areas job no matter how large or small. 

Roofers perform one of the most important jobs in construction. They literally put a roof over your head. 

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